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All Purpose Cleaner AP 100/50 M constitutes a simple and flexible All-in-One solution and removes soils and bacilli on different surfaces. The machine contains spraying as well as suctioning function of the detergent, whereby productive and timesaving work is possible. The powerful turbine makes possible to suctk off the detergent in a third less time in comparison to common cleaning procedures and arranges for a directly walkable and dry surface. The machine donĀ“t needs a long set-up time and is quickly ready for action and useable for daily cleaning.

Including vacuum function

  • The washing water can be removed with a wet and dry vacuum if no drain is available.
  • Can be used by two persons at the same time.
  • Extremely flexible hose for versatile use.

Fresh water always on-board

  • 100 litre water tank.
  • Mobile use, independent of water supply.
  • Includes fill hose for easy filling from the tap.

Cleaning with high pressure

  • Detergent is delivered via high-pressure pump.
  • 15 m high-pressure hose for large action radius.
  • Spray lance with high-pressure nozzle as standard. Can be extended with a wide range of accessories, e.g. foam lance.

Detergent perfectly dosed

  • The AP 100/50 M has on-board storage for two detergent bottles.
  • Detergent can be added via the dosage selector.
  • Alternate use of detergent and disinfectant.

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